Saturday, March 20, 2010

Omaha Zoo 2010

Omaha Zoo is the greatest ZOO ever! I was so amazed at how huge this place is. We spent all day from open to close and covered maybe half it. Easton loved the fish....This place has this enormous room that is glass covered and your under water it feels. Yes, there were sharks swiming around us and sting rays above us. It was awesome. Kenna loved the pengiuns of course. There was a million of them. ( maybe not that many ) we sat and watched them play forever. They are so gracefukl under water but clumsy on land. Since it was a little chilly many animals were inside but it was okay. The exhibits I loved were the dessert and the swamp. The swamp was dark and beavers and alligators surrounded us. It was kinda scary. But I can't wait to go again. We all had a great time and they had 3 hippo's Traci!

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