Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Bye Elder Morris

We are going to miss our missionary. Elder Morris has done so much for our little family. But we are lucky enough to have Elder Ball still.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patricks Day Parade

I hate parade's. However, I was being a good mom. Kenna, Easton, Harry, Laya, and I went to the St. patty's parade. It actually was fun and I ate corned beef and cabbage.

Omaha Zoo 2010

Omaha Zoo is the greatest ZOO ever! I was so amazed at how huge this place is. We spent all day from open to close and covered maybe half it. Easton loved the fish....This place has this enormous room that is glass covered and your under water it feels. Yes, there were sharks swiming around us and sting rays above us. It was awesome. Kenna loved the pengiuns of course. There was a million of them. ( maybe not that many ) we sat and watched them play forever. They are so gracefukl under water but clumsy on land. Since it was a little chilly many animals were inside but it was okay. The exhibits I loved were the dessert and the swamp. The swamp was dark and beavers and alligators surrounded us. It was kinda scary. But I can't wait to go again. We all had a great time and they had 3 hippo's Traci!

Swimming with the kids March, 2010

To start out our Spring break we were invited to an indoor swim park. Kenna and Easton's faviornte part of this day was the big slides. They are so brave and could not get enough. I personally enjoyed the 1 hour the smaller pool with the huge pirate ship was closed because of "sunken treasures". The poor lady who was on poop patrol had a plastic bag and was really searching for a while. I had to watch. We stayed out of that pool. It was a ton of fun and FREE!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Emma and Kenna

Watching Kenna and Emma together was so precious. They love each other so much and the way they smile when together is priceless. I got these two matching shirts, because me and Autumn have been dressing these 2 like twins since Emma was born. They really are special little "sisters".

My BOYS!!! They are amazing.

Bryton's love for "riggin" and Porter's love for doing thoughtful things for his aunt Tenille came together to create a grocery elavator. Walking up three flights of stairs is a pain in the butt. Especially with heavy groceries and a 2 year old that climbs stairs with alot of caution. So, when I took the boys to get some junk food, Bryton INSISTED on a rope. He is very persuassive. We got home and within minutes the 2 genious's create a smart way to save alot of stairs and heavy carrying. The boys are so smart. I can't believe how stupid i have been not using a rope and laundry basket should have been obvious to me. Thanks Boys this was the best part of your visit. I miss you all and the memories of our grocery store shopping is in my heart for always.

Spring Break 2010

We had the best Spring Break Ever! I had to keep me and the kids very busy because missing our family has been hard. We love them and miss them tons.
Sunday- Indoor Waterpark
Monday- Omaha Zoo
Tuesday- Pizza party at Lea's and Harry's home
Wednsday- St. Patrick Day parade
Thursday- Joe's Crab Shack and the park
Friday- The Science Center
Saturday- Stay at home and REST