Friday, February 19, 2010

Kenna Kay turns 8!

Kenna Kay is 8 years old! She had a awesome birthday and once again she got a bit spoiled. After Kenna went to sleep Wednesday night I stayed up to decorate. Kenna's favorite colors are blue and green so the living room was covered. Of course I could not sleep in so I tried my hardest to make jut enough noise making breakfast to wake her up. She came out half asleep and I snuggled with her on the couch and just held that sweet girl in my arms. She finally noticed the pile of presents and started tearing them open. Easton came out and joined us, but to our surprise he did not ask where his "choo choo's" was. Kenna being the kind big sister she is let Easton open a few just to watch him get excited for the Zhu Zhu pets! We had a great morning and she got to school on time....almost. Kenna took doughnuts to her class and made a special trip to her music teacher's room to give her a doughnut too. I went to school after dropping Easton off with Teresa and Bruce. All I talked about at school was my daughter turning 8 today and hoping to hear I looked too young for such a grown little girl....But no I am not obviously. My teacher knew I was leaving early and he wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNA on the board. I picked up Kenna from school leaving E with Teresa. Teresa was so happy to help me have extra alone time with her. We went to the mall so Kenna could go to Build-a-bear. She picked out a dog that holds a baby in her mouth. It was very cute but the two pairs of shoes, dress, undies, and collar completed the package. Kenna adopted "Stella and Summer". Kenna loves spaghetti so that's what we ate for dinner. Teresa and Jason brought all the kids over and my neighbor and her 3 kids joined our party. We had mint chocolate chip ice cream and I made a pineapple upside down cake. Kenna loved the dog bed and outfit Teresa gave her and she now owns the entire Zhu Zhu pet collection. Happy Birthday my Kenna! I love you.

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